Verbal Presentations

Presenter(s) Presentation
Emmanuel Ackom Food, Energy, Water, Climate Nexus: Potential in Cameroon
Shehu Akintola Artisanal fisheries in the nexus: a study on traditional fish processing methods and sustainable development
Emmanuel Akpabio Understanding water as fountain of socio-spatial inequality in Nigeria: the interplay of culture, economics and institutions
Holger Brück Impact of Crop Nutrition on the Water Footprint of Agriculture
Michael Davidson Sustainable Agricultural Production: Definitions, Constraints and Critical Linkages and an attempt to answer the question, “If economists are so smart, why is Africa so poor?”
Knut Ehlers Soils in the Water, Food and Climate Nexus: The Concept of Land Degradation Neutrality
Dejene Eticha Crop Nutrition Increases the Water Use Efficiency of Agriculture
Benjamin Graub Empowering Food Producers to Build Their Climate-resilience (SHARP)
Sang-Bok Han Water, Food, Sanitation, and Health of the Jeju Islanders
Enda Hayes Applying nexus thinking to investigate the water-energy implications of two low carbon (nexus) futures for the City of Bristol
Ron Hoffer How might the Federal Government tackle multi-sector and multi-agency nexus challenges within today’s budget and policy realities?
Henk Holtslag Self-supply: A Promising Option for Water & Food for Millions
Henk Holtslag Self-supply Presentation Handout
Hassaan Khan Impacts of Climate Change on the Water-Energy-Food Nexus in the Indus Basin of Pakistan
Kyung Endres Identifying Conceptual and Procedural Challenges to Evaluating a Multi-Sectorial Food Security Programin
Ruth Matthews Energising the drops: Towards a Holistic Approach to Carbon and Water Footprint Assessments
Bijon Mitra A Critical Review of Long Term Water Energy Nexus in India
Amanda Montgomery Water Quality Effects of Cellulosic Biofuel Crops Grown on Marginal Land
Rebecka Segerström Sustainable service provision in cities: Building a City CLEWs framework
Bobby Tucker Engaging the Public in Improved Water Management through Community-based Urban Agriculture
Frans C. Verhagen The Tierra Fee and Dividend (TFD) System: A Bold Nexus Proposal
Frans C. Verhagen Tierra Fee and Dividend (TFD) System Notes
Patricia Weiss Microbial Quality and Safety of Well Water in Rural Nicaragua as Determined by Low Cost Bacterial Test

Poster Presentations

Presenter(s) Presentation
Maha Al-Zu’bi Responding to Climate Change Impact: Water, Energy, and Food Nexus in Arab Cities
Jayantha Ediriweera GIS-Based Framework to Integrate Spatial Data, Water Supply Modelling, Billing Software and Remote Sensing Data to Reduce NRW in Water Supply Schemes
Henk Holstag Self-supply: A promising option for water and food for millions
Geoff Jordan Development of a Low Volume, Low Cost, Composting Septic Tank for Use in Low Water Available Environments
Nadia Koukoui One Drop’s Approach to Water Management for Food Security in Climate Change Sensitive Areas
Luisa F. Roldan Rojas Social Stratification and Drinking Water Crisis in Soutwest Bangladesh
Patricia Weiss Microbial Quality and Safety of Well Water in Rural Nicaragua as Determined by Low Cost Bacteria Test

Side Event Presentations

Presenter(s) Presentation
Ku McMahan Securing Water for Food: A Grand Challenge for Development
Natural Resources Defense Council A New Architecture for a New Global Partnership for Sustainable Development